Saturday, September 11, 2010

finally got above 1700 in elo playing just singed :P.  now to work my way up to 1800!


Monday, September 6, 2010

the new chauster

so you wanna be a pro?  even if you know phreak i bet this guys still better than u

sadly this pro got banned for a month :(

Thursday, September 2, 2010


anyone else feel like the matchmaking riot has was made by taylor swift?  it just does a shitty job at matching you with equal skilled partners.  last game i played we had this one TF on our team.  i swear he thought we were playing monopoly.  every few minutes he'd be whispering me to trade him park place or the utilities for B&O railroad.  hopefully next patch this fixes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

this song will make u win games

this song will make you win LoL games no joke.  when soulja boi (spelling) says "super saiyan swagger" i get atleast a triple kill! check it out.

shit talking

i'll admit i shit talk on the reg, but only do so to make the game more entertaining and to make up for my low self esteem (i never had a holographic charzard card).  i don't know how other players feel about it? Pros - Better than the silent chess game type games, where no All Chat goes on unless like a guy gets a penta kill.  Cons - Peoples feelings get hurt :( . 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I was playing TT ranked earlier with my roommates and encountered the most epic rage ever.  There was a big fight top; me and my roomie were baiting them hard.  I was singed and he was Udyr.  We're pretty low and we're trying to lure them near our other roommate, Fiddle, so he can ult in and do his thing.  Well he ults near the 3 of them but he flashes backwards away from the fight.  I then hear him slam his keyboard and run into our room.  He was screaming to us in a highpitched Clay Aiken voice that the riot employees were huge faggots and deserved AIDS.  We ended up winning the game but it didnt matter.  The rage made my day.

Galio NEVER wins

People who pick Galio guarantee that their team doesn't win the game.  I've seen Galio picked in about 30 games and have never seen the team with Galio win.  The guy farms hard but you can't do anything with that gold.  To be fair most of the people I seep playing him go Phreak's bad tank build and not straight ap, even though the metagame is AP heavy.  Guy needs an 'eve' rework.